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Things to Consider Before Getting Your  Face Painting

There are potential allergies or reactions that an individual should consider before getting their face or any other body part painted. Before you hire any face painter, ask the following questions to make sure safety is a priority.

What kind of paint do you use?

Sweet Cheeks Face Painting uses only the top quality cosmetic grade face paints designed for use on skin. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance free and contain FDA compliant ingredients. We use predominantly SNAZAROO paint which contains an anti-germ preservative and which even carries a child toy safety rating. For more info on SNAZAROO safety, go to


What kind of glitter do you use?

As you will see, Sweet Cheeks Face Painting uses glitter but only cosmetic glitter made of polyester, .008mm or less in diameter and cut in a hexagonal shape. These qualities make it safe for use on skin.

Does the painter paint on broken skin?

No face paint should ever be used on anyone who has a contagious disease or an open sore or wound. Even acne should be avoided as the rubbing to remove the paint may cause increased irritation to the sensitive skin area. Should this be a problem, Sweet Cheeks Face Painting will offer to paint other areas of clear skin such as the forearm or hand. Although our paint has never caused an allergic reaction, should you be concerned about your child's skin allergies, simply mention this to Sweet Cheeks Face Painting and we will be happy to apply a small amount of paint to a test area prior to doing full face paint. 

What if I have a rash or other skin condition?

Anyone, who in our opinion appears to be suffering from a cold sore, conjunctivitis or any other infectious skin complaint, cannot be painted. Similarly, eczema, open cuts and grazes are not suitable surfaces to paint. However, a design on the cheek, hand or arm is perfectly possible.

What about sickness?

We are unable to paint anyone suffering from cold/flu symptoms. Hay fever sufferers are advised to have a design on the cheek, hand or arm. Lastly, we reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone who is abusive, violent or intoxicated


How many faces can you paint in one hour?

We can paint an average of 10-12 faces in an hour depending upon the complexity of the designs chosen. Usually for younger children, we have a basic selection of designs that are quick and easy to do to save them having to sit still for too long.

Can you paint within the theme of my child's party?

Absolutely! Just let us know the theme of the party when booking and we will make sure to have some faces ready for the event. Though, keep in mind that more time may be needed per child depending on the complexity of the design and this may affect the booking time.


How soon should I book?

As soon as the party date is confirmed, you should book us. Obviously, the nearer to the date of the party you get the less chance you have of any our expert painters being available.


Can you paint at charity events?

For charity events we can provide our services for free and simply charge per face on the day, we can provide a percentage of the day's takings to the charity.

Who can be painted?

Face paint is not recommended for children under 2 years old. We
prefer only face paint on children 3 years and above. However we will kindly offer a small design on the hand or arm to younger children.

What if my child objects?

This does happen from time to time. No worries. It's understandable. Young children do not always understand face painting - someone they do not know is doing something to them, which they cannot see - so a small design on the hand may be more enjoyable for them. If they still do not feel comfortable, we have alternative solutions to face painting fun (i.e. temporary tattoos and stickers). They can see what is being done, feel in control of the situation, and can look at it and enjoy it for the rest of the day.

How should paint be removed?

Water based face paint comes off easily. You may use warm water and mild soap on a wash cloth at home and on site, Sweet Cheeks Face Painting has available high quality unscented baby wipes. If trace stains are left, apply lotion and rewash. Be careful not to use lower quality wipes to take off your face paint. Although the paints may be hypoallergenic, the fragrances in some baby wipes can actually cause allergic reactions especially when rubbed vigorously on the face.

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