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Introducing Airbrush Tattoos

We use hybrid tattoo inks, which are extremely water resistant. What does that mean for you? That means it is the most durable,  longest lasting, non-staining, artwork/tattoo. 


These tattoo inks are available in a vast selection of vibrant colors including Fluorescents. Fluorescents are great for BLACKLIGHT Parties!


PROs of Our Airbrushing Service: 

  •  Designs can last up to 3 days or MORE with proper care 

  •  Fantastic coverage for all fantasy makeup.

  •  Dries instantly in hot or rainy conditions without smearing or running which makes it perfect for summer pool parties and water play   dates!

  •  Smudge proof formula sets instantly and won't rub off or damage clothing.

  •  Almost no mist or fog created when using in closed areas (no more nose hairs filled with paint).

  •  Hypoallergenic formula safe for use on sensitive skin. 

  •  More sanitary, doesn't collect mold like water base products can.

  •  Aromatic fragrance is pleasant to the senses.

  •  FDA compliant and made in USA!


Removal from skin:

  •  Remember that ProAiir™ is waterproof! Water will NOT work.

  •  Wipe off with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Tattoo will fade over time with the natural oils of skin.

To remove from fabric: Do NOT use water. Apply alcohol and saturate.

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