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Terms and Conditions


The section headings contained in this Agreement are for convenience purposes only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement. 


Retainer/Refunds:  A  signed agreement and a 50% deposit ($50 of which is a non-refundable contract fee) are required to secure the booking date agreed upon between client and    Sweet Cheeks. Verbal    booking    dates    will    be held    for    twenty-four (24) hours.  Signed agreements   e- mailed to Sweet Cheeks will hold the booking date for twenty- four (24) hours to provide a wait period to receive your deposit. If the deposit is not received with in twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the signed agreement, the verbal agreement becomes null and void. The  deposit is non- refundable should the  client  decide  to  cancel  the  event  within seventy-two (72)  hours  of  the  agreed  scheduled  date.    In  the  case  of postponement, please do  so at  least  s e v e n  ( 7)  days prior  to your  event.  Sweet Cheeks will work with you to accommodate an alternate date.     However,    if a mutually agreeable date is  not  established the    deposit    will be returned within twenty-four (24) hours.

Twister/Artist Rate: Averages $125 to $175 per Hour per Twister/Artist with a one (1) Hour minimum based on how many hours/type of event. Call or   e-mail  to get  your hourly rate.  The intricacy of the designs chosen will impact the number of faces that can be painted and /or the number of balloons twisted per Twister/Artist per hour. Be sure to book your time accordingly to avoid leaving anyone out.  Please do not ask us to disappoint any guests due to lack of time booked.  Occasionally  an  event  booked  after  yours  and  we may not be able to stay past t h e  s t o p  it me  contracted here. If you exceed the time booked and we are available to stay, it will be charged in half hour increments. Client will pay for the time booked plus overrun, even if Client has delayed the time we start the actual painting. All fees for the event are due on the day of the event prior to artist/twister setup.  Client must pay for a minimum of one (1) hour even if Client uses Artist for less than one (1) hour.


Travel/setup/other fees: Travel fees  apply  when  the event  is more than  a  20  mile  radius  from  Henrico  (where  we a r e  based). Our rate is $0.75 per mile.  Depending on your event, there may be a charge for outdoor, lengthy or difficult setup - usually $15 but please call for a quote.   Parking fees must be paid to Twister/Artist with other payment. Should a check be returned, there is a $30 returned check fee. 


Alternate/Rain Date

The client may choose a rain date, but that date will have to be mutually agreeable. The    client    must    notify    Sweet Cheeks  at 804.386.6160 Please do not leave a voicemail, but rather speak  with the Twister/Artist) at least four (4) hours prior  to  the  time  of  the  event  if  they wish  to exercise this option.


Please either leave a space open in front of the house on the street, the driveway, or a loading dock so Artist can unload equipment.  The Client will reimburse Artist for any parking fees.

Indoor Setup

Bathroom  facilities,  a  minimum  of  6’  x  6’  space  and  15 minutes  of  setup  and  take  down  time  are  required.    Please ensure that location has adequate lighting. However we can provide lights if necessary - please let us know in advance.


Options for Outdoor Setup

(1)  You provide us with    sun/wind/rain shelter, table, 2 chairs per Artist, and adequate space and lighting to paint. We will need 15 minutes to set up / take down in this case.

(2)    We can bring our table, and chairs for an additional charge of $15 for up to 2 Artist stations. We can also provide EZ-up shelter for an additional $30. We will need 25 minutes to set up / tear down in this case.  We require a minimum of 10’L x 10’W x 11’ H of level space, adequate lighting, access to a  restroom  and  a  place  to  dispose  of  our  painting  water.


Please  don’t  water  your  lawn  on  the  day  of  your party, or soak it heavily the previous day if possible.


Weather (for outdoor events)

While Client can choose to pay for the Twister/Artist to bring an EZ Up shelter, for  the  comfort    of  your guests and our Artist, the client agrees  to provide  an  area with  protection from    extreme  temperatures,  sun, rain,  snow  and excessive wind.  The     client    agrees    to    pay    the    full   amount contracted once the Twister/Artist has arrived at the event location, even if it is raining. Client is responsible to provide an alternate indoor location in the event of inclement weather.    P lease list an alternate indoor location on the front of  the  contract  as  we  do  not  offer  refunds  for inclement weather.


Change of Location after Set-up

If the client requests a change in location once the entertainer has set up, the time required to reset is counted as part of the contracted time.


Extreme Adverse Working Conditions Twister/Artist has the right to cease service and leave without refunding any monies if there are extreme adverse working conditions and the Client fails to remedy the situation after it has been brought to the Client’s attention. Adverse conditions included but not limited to: destructive, violent, or extreme inappropriate behavior of a child, pet or adult; illegal activities; or otherwise  dangerous conditions.


Breaks and Stop Time

Twister/Artist  will  have  paid  breaks  of  15-20  minutes  every  two (2)  hours and access to a restroom.  If  you have booked by the hour, it is your responsibility to limit additional guests from requesting service after that time.  Please book enough time to have all your guests painted to avoid this disappointment.

Limitations on Artwork

If in public, Artist will not paint on any part of the body that is not  legal  to  expose  or  anyplace  she/he  does  not  feel comfortable painting.  In addition, Artist will not paint subject matter she/he deems offensive or disturbing.



Client agrees to keep balloons away from children less than three (3) years of age, as balloons can present a choking hazard to young children, and acknowledges that artist will NOT give balloons to children under three (3) years of age. Client agrees that if any disputes arise, the Twister has the final say over who    will    or    will    not receive balloons.    Example:  When Twister refuses to give a balloon to a child less than three (3) years of age, client cannot force Twister to do so.



Under no circumstances will Twister / Artist supervise children. Their  behavior  and  safety  is  the  Client’s  and/  or  Parents’ responsibility. Twister / Artist cannot see other children and what they are doing while twisting/painting.



The Client agrees to pay for any injuries caused by pets and/or guests. The Client agrees to pay for any damages to The Twister’s/ Artist’s equipment and/or supplies caused by pets, guests, or lawn sprinklers.


Double Booking Companies

Client/Sponsor agrees that there will not be any other Face Painting/ Balloon  Twisting  companies   on  the  Client’s/Sponsor’s  site,  which   SWEET CHEEKS  FACE PAINTING & BALLOON ART does work on for Client’s/Sponsor’s  event.   If there  are other companies onsite, SWEET CHEEKS FACE PAINTING & BALLOON ART reserves the right to refuse the Painting/Twisting job and the total booking fee will be due to SWEET CHEEKS FACE PAINTING & BALLOON ART. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and designs. We do not want to be confused with or identified as another entity. We train all parties representing SWEET CHEEKS FACE PAINTING & BALLOON ART.  If additional personnel is required, please inform us and we will make arrangements.

Liability Statement

While we use ONLY FDA approved cosmetic grade face painting supplies, Artist is not liable for allergic reactions to paints.  People  with    skin allergies  or  sensitive  skin  should either not  participate,  or  have  Artist  perform  a  patch  test at  the beginning  of  the  party.  Client  understands that darker    face  paints  will    linger  and  must  be  re moved  with mild  soap,  water and  washcloth.  For safety  reasons, Artist    will   not   paint children under 2 years old or anyone who is unwilling.  For sanitary reasons, Artist will not paint anyone who is or appears to the Artist to be sick or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, ringworm, sunburn, eczema, any infectious skin condition    or    open    wounds. These determinations are at the Artist’s discretion. Artist will use reasonable care, but is not responsible for damage to clothing or property.  The Twister is not liable for allergic reactions to latex. People with such allergies should not participate.


CONGRATULATIONS, you made it to the end of the contract!


Questions? Feel free to call 804.386.6160 or email anytime!

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